Is an e-zone business for you?

Is an e-zone business for you?

To benefit from this attractive 2% corporate income tax rate, your business needs to apply to obtain e-status. After obtaining approval for your e-zone business, you need to establish your business into one of the designated e-zones within 6 months. The operator of the e-zone of your choice will process the application for you. Establishing your business can be as easy as renting (shared) office space and installing a server and software.

Dedicated servers for an e-zone business

In most cases, businesses operating from an e-zone are required to keep a dedicated webserver. Usually, these kinds of servers are powerful, sophisticated machines that require lots of maintenance and eat up large quantities of costly bandwidth. For many small and medium sized businesses, this is, in a way, overkill. Recently, more economic dedicated webservers that require maintenance less frequently and keep their use of bandwidth at bay have become available. This cuts down on monthly fees substantially.

Office Space for e-zone businesses

Are you just looking to house your e-zone business affordably? We gladly recommend our partner CurTaxHouse. CurTaxHouse offers your business truly affordable office space in the Curacao E-zone. Check out the website for more information on options and pricing.